At The Survivors' Collective we start and run projects as people and ideas come together. This can be anything from an ad-hoc awareness action to people working together in bulding up a new service for survivors.

The only rules: It has to come from within the survivor community and be doable with the skills and ressources we bring together. If you wanna get involved in any of our current projects just drop us a message or come along to our monthly meeting in London.


Here's what's going on at the moment:




In our Survivors' Voices Project we invite you to share your experience in areas like School & Education, Healtcare, and Relationships.

Please fill out the surveys and let us know what is helpful for you and what needs to change.

We will use this to create information and awareness materials and design trainings for professionals who come into contact with survivors or victims of sexual abuse.


We are a team of survivors who work in healthcare, school & education, and counselling.

In our talks and workshops we speak from our own experience both as survivors and as professionals. Our aim is to equip people with the information and support they need to talk about sexual abuse in a helpful and productive way.


Our Healthcare Survivor support information card is designed for any survivor to use. We know that medical appointments can be very difficult for us, so we wanted to make it a little bit easier. 

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