Our Survivors' Collective Team is a diverse group of passionate survivor activists who organise our meetings, facilitate workshops, and help the project grow :)

We also love to attend events and get involved in festivals and discussions - if you'd like to invite us or need a speaker for your event, please get in touch:


Silke founded the Survivors' Collective in 2014 to spark a movement of CSA survivors coming together and reclaiming their pride, respect and presence in society.
Based on her academic background in Psychology and Dramatherapy, she has worked with children and young people and is currently piloting 'Not The Only One' - a survivor-led activism based outreach project for CSA survivors in Universities.

Always a thinker and a fighter, Silke never accepted any limits imposed on her thinking, knowledge, inspiration or her sense of justice.  


By day S.C. is a healthcare focused policy director. By night she aspires to be a survivor activist, occasional blogger and she dabbles in poetry.

She blogs at A New Self Written


Sophie joined the Survivors' Collective in 2017 and has been an active member ever since. She is a PhD students and has worked with children and young people since 2011. She is a survivor activist because she wants to help survivors of CSA overcome their trauma and create a space where they are heard.


Ana is a part of the Survivors' Collective since its very first day. She fiercely speaks her mind, knowing exactly what to say and what she wants to change for survivors of sexual abuse.

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